Thursday, February 25, 2010

~*~The In-between~*~

So, it's been a while since I dove into my land of puff pastry. Why you may ask?
Well, I've been job hunting, car hunting, and switching my focus from cosmetology to pharmacy technology. That would take anyone a little bit of time.
Not that I am missed, but i promise, I will return soon!
Love you all! All 2 of ya, LOL!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tomato Asparagus Galette

Day 2 in puff pastry:

The recipe I found was supposed to be a lemon-asparagus galette, but when I discovered at the last second I had no lemon, I proceeded to adapt it into something I feel is even MORE delicious.

I love asparagus, but I've only recently began eating it. I've never tried to cook it myself, so I've only had it eating out. Wonderful flavor, but it always seems to be lacking some sort of...something to bring out its true essence. Well, I think I found it.

Using puff pastry, asparagus, tomato in place on lemon, seasonings, and a variety of cheeses I know that I have come across the most delicious, light yet filling, even BEAUTIFUL meal (or side dish) I have ever tasted.

So, after a lonely, yet relaxing valentine's day spent "partying" with my Tybee-ama, I am happy to say that this may very well be the best valentine's ever! Not to mention the best dinner!
(by the way, don't ever try to cook when you are half asleep. I did and ended up making cinnamon rolls out of pie crust...yuck!)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Caramelized Onion Tart

Day 1

So I have set off on my first mission: Caramelized Onion Tart.

The sweet aroma is intoxicating as the onions begin to brown and "caramelize". I've never smelled something so delicious. I was so excited to make something so different. Having always leaned more toward the bakery or sweets side of cooking, this was an eye opening endeavor.

My favorite things in this world are cheese, wine, and "pizza" pies. With this sweet and savory taste of the onions satisfying my sweet tooth, the pastry crust for my "pizza" passion, and a blend of feta, swiss, and parmesan with chives the bottle of merlot quickly disappeared.

Two things I have discovered this evening:

1. The versatility of the onion
2. recipes like this should be labeled for one! :)

all puff pastry recipes:
most delicious wines:

Friday, February 12, 2010


For so long I have tried to find a good excuse to start a blog. I have a multitude of interests and that makes it quite difficult to choose just one topic to limit myself. Organic gardening, painting, crocheting, name it, I've probably done it or at least tried it.

After years of heartache and sacrifice, I am starting my life from scratch. Just me, my daughter, and a love of baking. Having no career, as I have been a homemaker for 5 years, I recently began attending a local cosmetology school. Not my passion, but a quick education for a better future. It pains me daily to stare into my mother's kitchen knowing that it will be years before I can pay my way through culinary school...

This is where my adventures begin...

A few weeks ago, I found myself in a pile of depression on the sofa flipping through stations only to land on our local public broadcasting station. Who to my wandering eyes would appear but Julia Child herself. Cheesy? Yes. True? Definitely!

(Hmm...this is starting to sound like a movie I saw recently.)

So, immediately motivation was roused within me and I decided to go straight to the library, pull out that old dusty card, and find some wonderful French cuisine to immerse myself in.

One huge book later, I realized...French food sounds absolutely undesirable and I will NOT find myself eating, much less THINKING of aspic. Yet one little ingredient has stuck with me to this day: puff pastry. That tender, fragile layering of thin pastry sheets that melt in your mouth the instant it hits your tongue.

I jump in the car heading straight for the supermarket frozen food aisle and smile as a glorious light from heaven shines down upon the greatest creation...frozen puff pastry.