Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tomato Asparagus Galette

Day 2 in puff pastry:

The recipe I found was supposed to be a lemon-asparagus galette, but when I discovered at the last second I had no lemon, I proceeded to adapt it into something I feel is even MORE delicious.

I love asparagus, but I've only recently began eating it. I've never tried to cook it myself, so I've only had it eating out. Wonderful flavor, but it always seems to be lacking some sort of...something to bring out its true essence. Well, I think I found it.

Using puff pastry, asparagus, tomato in place on lemon, seasonings, and a variety of cheeses I know that I have come across the most delicious, light yet filling, even BEAUTIFUL meal (or side dish) I have ever tasted.

So, after a lonely, yet relaxing valentine's day spent "partying" with my Tybee-ama, I am happy to say that this may very well be the best valentine's ever! Not to mention the best dinner!
(by the way, don't ever try to cook when you are half asleep. I did and ended up making cinnamon rolls out of pie crust...yuck!)


  1. Good morning, dear heart! I LOVE your blog :) I'm drooling, seriously, and it's only 9:45 am!! The asparagus galette sounds fabulous and your post makes me want to rush home and make one.

    Enjoy this wonderful coffee-Monday. Ah to be home in front of the windows sipping a dark roast.

    To dream...